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Our Complete Suite of China Investor-Focused Services

EM Capital Management (Hong Kong) Ltd. is a trusted partner for Chinese firms and High Net-Worth (HNW) Chinese family groups seeking to globalize and grow their wealth by building companies and through diversification, including U.S. real estate holdings.  For U.S. companies, capital providers and family offices with interests related to China, we offer a differentiated suite of services and products built around our decades of cross-border experience, China local-market expertise and business judgment.
Private Equity

We act as principals and/or partners in select China middle market private equity opportunities on an "off-market", negotiated basis.   Our proprietary relationships and network in China creates opportunities for pre-qualified, superior investments.  Many prospective deals may fit the criteria of domestc and international P.E. firms, high-net worth individuals and family offices.  If you are seeking to invest in China, please call us for further information.


As consultants, we assist in facilitating and managing the process of cross-border private equity transactions and investments.  We work with your lawyers, accountants, auditors and other service providers as a trusted member of your team.  We assist in providing deep due diligence, often non-public information, assembled to reduce not only financial risk, but more importantly, reputational and FCPA risks.  


Another important service is on-going post-transaction investment monitoring to provide foreign investors with greater visibility and insights that may assist in pre-empting a failed deal, fraud, corruption or other in-country crisis situation.  Please call Seth Freeman in San Francisco for further information.

Cross-Border Finance

Our focus is to reduce risks and time to close for businesses, investors and capital providers.  Our expertise in international secured and bond financing and cross-cultural communication reduces these key transaction risks.


​We assist Chinese businesses and investors seeking secured loans or equity funding for domestic, in-country uses or to make an investment or acquisition in the U.S.A.


For U.S. firms and investors doing business with Chinese vendors or making an investment in a Chinese business or property, we can assist by providing due diligence, deal structuring and on-going monitoring.


For both cases we can introduce and assist in negotiating with institutions, banks, commercial and asset-based lenders and factors that have reliable experience with China-related transactions. 

Asset Management


EM Capital Management (Hong Kong), Ltd. senior officers have a broad range of asset management experience ranging from real property to whole businesses to equities, debt and derivatives.   Whether you are a Chinese investor seeking to acquire and manage assets in the U.S. or a foreign investor allocating capital for Chinese securities, real estate, Joint Venture or private equity investment we are there to assist.  We work with investors and partners in evaluating and determining investment strategies, manage the often highly complex negotiation and due diligence process, close the transaction and provide on-going monitoring and reporting with the same high degree of focus, detail and care as a proprietary investment.


We can streamline the China investment process by making introductions to leading, qualified professional firms, including law firms, securities and property brokers, custodians, banks, appraisers and valuation expoerts, auditors, fund administrators, transfer agents and other local market professionals required to ensure smooth investment implementation and ongoing oversight and reporting.

Distressed Assets

EM Capital senior management has experience with distressed assets since before the U.S. Savings and Loan Crisis in the 1980's.  Our experience ranges from single assets, such as hotels, office buildings and apartment complexes to large portfolios of non-performing loans and assets such as Commercial and Industrial Loans or residential mortgages.


We can assist both investors and institutions to initiate transactions, perform due diligence, including creating and managing innovative virtual "data rooms" designed to enhance the process for both sides.  Our network of lawyers, auditors, valuation experts, accountants and other service providers experienced with cioss-border distressed assets streamlines and reduces risks inherent with NPA and NPL transactions.


In-country experts are available to peform asset management and legal and regulatory workl required to monetize NPA and NPL investments.


In addition, we possess experience in cross-border insolvency and restructuring.  Services include fraud and forensic examinations, crisis management, Chapter 11 and 15 administration and reporting, litigation support and expert witness services.

Due Diligence & Post
Closing Monitoring


Engaging EM Capital Management (Hong Kong) Limited to lead or partner with your DD team reduces the risks of poor and ineffective due diligence.   Effective due diligence related to investing in China is without question the most challenging piece of the investing process.   Inadequate pre-investment due diligence is the primary reason that many China cross-border investments fail.  Too often, Western investors  are simply reticent, worried about offending their local partner to perform the level of due diligence investigation necessary to prevent a failed deal and/or fraud.  


China due diligence must go much deeper than financial and IP data. Understanding the background and history of counter-parties, affiliates and influencers is crucial.   Post-closing monitoring provides early detection of business problems or suspected fraud, and the opportunity to react prior to the situation becoming an exigency.


The EM Capital team understands the opaque and complex China information environment and has the local market resources to provide our partners and clients with deep, discreet, factual and insightful pre and post investment due diligence and on-going monitoring.   Contact us today to discuss your due diligence requirements.

EB-5 Economic Visas

If you are a Chinese investor seeking to live in the United States or a U.S.A. firm seeking growth or turnaround capital, we can help.   For both investors and investment sponsors, we serve as a trusted advisor working in your interests, not as a broker.  Services include identifying and coordinating with key outside professionals such as attorneys, economists, accountants and auditors in both China and United States..


For investors, we can assist in identifying and investigating prospective investments in the U.S.A. that are compatible with the U.S. EB-5 Economic Immigration program, with a minimum investment size of USD $500,000.

For U.S. project and businesses, we can assist in structuring your opportunity to satisfy the requirements of the EB-5 program and investor tastes, translate your offering and expose it to our network of qualified Chinese investors.

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