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A Boutique Alternative Investment Firm in Collaboration with HNW Chinese Families and First Generation Entrepreneurs

EM Capital Management (Hong Kong) Limited is a Hong Kong registered company founded in 2009 that collaborates with High Net-Worth (HNW) Chinese families, first generation Chinese entrepreneurs and select foreign cross-border investors and foreign companies, primarily from the United States.  The firm originates proprietary investment opportunities utilizing the extensive network of business, banking and government relationships of its CEO, directors and advisors.   Family office services include strategic capital growth and wealth preservation, design and implementation of business globalization strategies and cross-border business and personal consulting.


Major Themes

Investment themes include China's high-growth sectors and industries of food and agriculture, tourism and hospitality, beverages, Internet retail, traditional retail, automotive, financial services, residential property and distressed assets.   

Impact and ESG 

The firm seeks highly profitable China related investments with positive environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and resulting Impact-related benefits. Investment strategies include engagement with management to raise awareness of rewards of incorporating ESG in corporate strategy and operations and enhanced investor reporting.


Current Projects

A current project involves establishing a chain of "California" theme retail stores in first and second tier cities featuring food and wine products produced in California, USA.  The 2,500 to 5,000 square feet stores in high-visibility locations and malls will offer high-quality imported products, including organic items, providing increasingly affluent Chinese consumers with healthy choices free of local market "food security" concerns.

Experts in Cross-Cultural U.S. - Chinese Business Communication & Negotiation, Joint Ventures and Complex Dispute Resolution

Effective cross-cultural communication is the greatest challenge for both Chinese and Western counterparties. Differences in context, time and decision-making process is a source of friction, misunderstanding and frustration for both sides of a negotiation.  It is also a primary reason that many joint-ventures and collaborations fail or never even get off the ground after significant time and expense.  Misunderstandings of local business practices and conflict resolution often leads to early termination of China direct investments and joint ventures.


Michael Chen and Seth Richard Freeman, CIRA, our senior officers each have decades of cross-cultural business communication and negotiation experience.  Engaging EM Capital Management (Hong Kong) Limited to assist with your China-related situation will reduce misunderstandings.  Our directors facilitate effective negotiation and mitigate lost opportunity risk resulting from excessive time and resources invested in the typical Chinese cross-border negotiation process.


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